Our Mission:
To enlarge existing, protected areas in Desolation Sound in order to preserve the area from uses that are incompatible with marine recreation.

British Columbia is fortunate to have a fantastically beautiful coastline that many boaters attest is “the best cruising area in the world.” 

Desolation Sound is the crown jewel of this pristine, marine recreation area. The Sound has a magical combination of calm waters and protected anchorages…

Gorgeous sunsets…

Snow-capped peaks overlooking the warmest waters north of Mexico (warm enough for swimming!)…

And abundant fishing, prawning and crabbing.

All is easily accessible with every size of watercraft from kayaks to large cruisers.

Unfortunately, this recreational mecca is under threat by industrial users, such as gravel extraction operations. If such activities are allowed in this area, its fantastic beauty and serenity will soon be destroyed.

The Desolation Sound Park Society is endeavouring to bring about the creation of a park or marine recreation area to cover the area outlined below.

Significant pressure needs to be placed on government and regulators to motivate them to take action on this initiative.

Help protect Desolation Sound!

Step One: Public Awareness
Raise public awareness about Desolation Sound, its unique, pristine recreational environment and the necessity of increasing the existing park area.

• Educational website
• Development of presentation material

Step Two: Government Awareness

• Contact key people within the government of British Columbia to outline concerns
• Appeal for support to enlarge existing protected areas in the Desolation Sound region

We need your help. Please join us!

This project is an enormous undertaking and will take a lot of effort from the Desolation Sound Park Society (DSPS), as well as individual members of the public. Please lend your help and support for this important initiative.

How you can help…

1. Send a cheque to:

Desolation Sound Park Society
PO Box 31860, Steveston Village
3811 Moncton St.
Richmond, BC
V7E 0B5

2. Send an e-transfer to Rob Ross:  rob.ross@desolationsoundparksociety.ca
3. Donate using the PayPal button below
4. Call or email Rob Ross to volunteer your assistance

For more information about how you can help, please contact:
President: Rob Ross • 604-910-8610 •  rob.ross@desolationsoundparksociety.ca
Vice President: Marcy Horswill • 250-336-8883 • marcy.horswill@outlook.com